Fiesta en Espana!

More videos from Free Travel. This time they’re from our fun times in Spain and Barcelona!

We rowed a boat in Madrid!

Beautiful day in a Beautiful park in Barcelona!

Enjoying some Spanish Guitar!

We had a FANTASTIC time in Madrid and Barcelona! I highly recommend Spain to anyone!

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Party in Paris!

For the beginning of our 10 day free travel, my group (Me, Jenny, Madison, and Morgan) headed to Paris for three days FULL of fun!

One big thing in Paris is the amount of performers who get on the subway.

Our first night we hit up the Eiffel Tower, and it was BEAUTIFUL!

The second day in Paris we got to climb the tower at Notre Dame. What an INCREDIBLE view!

Outside Notre Dame:

Our last night in Paris we climbed to the top of the Arc de Triomphe for another incredible view!

The final morning in Paris, Morgan and I headed to the Catacombs, while Jenny and Madison went to Disneyland Paris.

After the Catacombs, Morgan and I spent a while at the Eiffel Tower just lounging about in the park enjoying life. It was wonderful!

From Paris, we went to Madrid, which you’ll have to wait for!

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Vienna Videos!

So, I know I am a bit late again, but here are some more videos from some life in Vienna! Some are very mundane, some are very entertaining (at least I think so).

Enjoy! More to come!

A short tour of our Deutschmeister Apartment!

Inside Stephansdom Cathedral. SO Magnificent!

A One Man Glass Bottle Orchestra!

One Night We Happened Across an event for Amnesty International, and felt like hippies in the park!

At the Haus der Musik, Zach found a piano to play!

We got to make some new friends from Lipscomb University, and enjoyed a day by the Danube River with them!

The Vienna Staatsoper!

When we went to Graz, we saw this very interesting man playing a variety of flutes in QUITE the getup.

One day, we found an amazing playground with an amazing zipline, so of course we played on it.

So there you have it. Everything we did in Europe up until our 10 day Fall Break. Hope you like em!

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Happy Halloween (Part 1)!

Well, everyone it is halloween. And while this post has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with anything Halloween related right now, I will give you this Halloween gift I have discovered just now.

Some of the guys on our trip have recently become childishly obsessed with playing Pokemon. Think about- the internet consistently dies at night, but after we have done things, so what do we do? Play Pokemon. Therefore, I am just beyond excited to have found this dubstep this morning. There will maybe be more Halloween presents through the day, or maybe tomorrow based on what we do today for Halloween!


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London Calling

I know it has been OVER a month since I have been to London, but I have finally gotten all of my London Videos up. If you want to see pictures from London, head to my facebook, but I’ll probably add some favorites on here soon. I am going to ATTEMPT to be a more consistent blogger for the remainder of this wonderful adventure I am on! For now, ENJOY the videos I am posting!

Video of when we first arrived and were at our Hostel, the Equity Point Hostel.

When we THOUGHT we were seeing Changing of the Guard.

Actually at Changing of the Guard.

Hanging out at Trafalger Square!

At the veryyyy top of St. Paul’s Cathedral!

Across from St. Paul’s, getting a nice view.

In the British Museum, looking at one of my favorite exhibits!

Well, that’s all the videos I have for London! Hope you enjoy them! I’ll be adding MANY more videos from our adventure very soon!

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JoJo is BACK ya’ll!!!

One of my junior high obsession, JoJo- Leave (Get Out) anyone?- IS BACK with a brand new song and it is as HOT as her classic stuff!

Luckily, I have provided the song right here because it is wonderful.

Enjoy, and go dust off your old JoJo albums and give em a spin!

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In case anyone forgets…

This is a montage of all of Kelly Clarkson’s Idol performances.

The original, and still the best.

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